Good Samaritan busts Brandon Lighthouse Ministries Family Store thief

11:54 PM, Mar 22, 2013   |    comments
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A good Samaritan busted 36-year-old William Leon after seeing him rob the Brandon Lighthouse Ministries Store many times. Leon was arrested on March 21, 2013.


Brandon, Florida -- A special surveillance set-up has landed 36-year-old William Leon behind bars. 

Police say Leon has been stealing over and over again from Lighthouse Ministries Family Store in Brandon, but the real story lies in how he was caught. 

Enter Gary Olson, our good Samaritan.

"I wasn't gonna letting him go. That was the whole thing. I wasn't letting him go this time," explains Olson.

He works across the street from the family store, and says he's watched Leon backing up his truck to the loading ramp, and just taking whatever he wanted, so Olson planned a covert operation to catch him by just waiting for him.

His surveillance set-up caught footage of Leon cutting the gate lock, backing up to the ramp in his pick-up, and then filling the bed with the store's items. 

Olson and a friend were waiting, and walked along the fence all non-chalant. Leon didn't think it was a big deal until Olson locked the gate.

"I got a little nervous one time after I shut the gate and I was standing inside the fence there. He jumped off the dock and went over to his truck and reached inside his truck," recounts Olson. "Anyone would think he was pulling a gun or something."

But that was not the case. 

Olson held Leon and called police. Little did Olson know, undercover cops were also casing the place and pulled in immediately, to cuff and stuff Leon into a cop car. 

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