Couple survives tree falling on car

10:37 AM, Dec 5, 2012   |    comments
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An Oregon couple is lucky to be alive after a tree crashed down on its car Sunday. 

Here you can see the damage! 

The man and woman had just pulled into their family home when the one-hundred foot tall tree uprooted and toppled onto the car. 

Firefighters helped get them out. 

"Hundreds of thousands of pounds came down on their vehicle... enough weight to actually put the floorboard of the vehicle onto the asphalt pavement." 

Amazingly both were able to walk away after they were rescued. 
The husband, who was in the driver's seat, suffered a fractured shoulder. 

Experts say a combination of wet weather, loose soil and root failure caused the tree to come down. 

KGW via CNN Newssource

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