Cat rescued from 40-foot electrical pole

3:44 PM, Nov 23, 2012   |    comments
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Savannah, Georgia -- You've heard the one about the cat in the tree? Well, this time, it was no joke for a Savannah man.

He said he couldn't get any help when dogs chased his cat, Cliff, up a 40-foot power line so he called a local TV station.

James Arnsdorff told the reporter he called the fire department, animal control and Georgia Power and they all said his cat would come down eventually -- when he felt like it. However, Cliff is usually an indoor cat, and after three days he still was still clinging to the pole.

Cliff and his brother had escaped from their cozy home and while enjoying their freedom were chased by a pack of wild dogs roaming through the neighborhood. Cliff made it up the pole, but his brother wasn't as lucky.

Thanks to a little help from Arnsdorff's local TV station, Georgia Power finally came out to rescue Cliff from his electrical perch.

"They are the heroes today. I asked them where their capes were, and he just kind of looked at me like, 'what'? But yeah, I'm grateful and I'm sure Cliff the Cat is thankful as well," said Arnsdorff.

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