Blaec Lammers charged with 'Twilight' mass shooting plot

4:40 PM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
Blaec Lammers
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Bolivar, Missouri (News-Leader) -- A Missouri man has been charged after authorities say he admitted to planning to shoot up a movie theater screening of Twilight this weekend.

Blaec Lammers, 20, was charged Friday morning with first-degree assault, making a terroristic threat and armed criminal action.

In a probable cause statement prepared by the Bolivar Police Department, police say Lammers' mother contacted authorities Thursday, concerned that her son had purchased weapons similar to the ones used in the Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooting and that she was concerned he might be planning a movie theater shooting.

An officer approached Lammers at the Bolivar Sonic and he agreed to come to the police station to be interviewed. During the interivew, Lammers said he had purchased two assault rifles for hunting, the statement said. As the conversation progressed, police asked Lammers about recent shootings that had been in the news.

"Blaec Lammers stated that he had a lot in common with the people that have been involved in those shootings. Blaec Lammers state that he was quiet, kind of a loner, had recently purchased firearms and didn't tell anybody about it, and had homicidal thoughts," the statement said.

Lammers then said he had bought tickets to a Sunday screening of the new Twilight movie and had purchased the guns with the intent of shooting people at the theater that night.

He also told police, according to the statement, that after he "got to thinking about it" he would shoot people at the Walmart in Bolivar because if he ran out of ammunition, he would be able to break the glass where the ammunition is stored and get more.

Lammers said he purchased 400 rounds.

The felony complaint accuses Lammers of having "knowingly communicated to Dustin Ross (Bolivar police detective) a threat to cause shoot (sic) people at the Bolivar Walmart Store, an incident involving a danger to life, by stating the same to him, and the defendant did so for the purpose of frightening ten or more people."

When contacted, Ross, who signed the probable cause statement, declined to immediately answer questions about where the guns were purchased.

According to the statement, Lammers said he had purchased one of the guns on Monday and the other on Tuesday and that he had went to the town of Aldrich on Tuesday to practice shooting.

Lammers said he had never before shot a gun, the statement said, and that he was currently off his medication. The statement did not specify what kind of medication.

Online court records show Lammers is being held in lieu of a $500,000 bond.

The probable cause statement also said that in 2009 Lammers had said he wanted to stab a Walmart employee to death and went to Walmart to follow an employee around the store before being contacted by officers.

Bolivar City Administrator Darin Chappell said Friday there was no reason to believe anyone was working with Lammers. He also said there is no reason anyone should be fear coming to Bolivar.

Chappell commended Lammers' mother for turning her son in. He said after she contacted police, officers made contact with Lammers less than an hour later.

"She did a heroic thing," Chappell said.

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