Day of rest for Obama and Romney; surrogates spar on talk shows

3:12 PM, Aug 19, 2012   |    comments
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UNDATED (AP) - President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney have spent a quiet Sunday attending church with their families, resting up for the campaign's final 11 weeks and the approaching party nominating conventions.

Both sent top advisers to the Sunday talk shows, where they continued sparring over Medicare and taxes.

Romney is in New Hampshire, where he has a summer home. He attended the Mormon church in Wolfeboro with his wife, Ann, six of their grandchildren and the children's parents, Tagg and Jennifer Romney.

Obama was in Washington, where he attended services at St. John's Episcopal Church, across the street from the White House, with his wife and daughters.

Both men plunge back into heavy campaigning and fundraising this week.

Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan plan to talk with voters tomorrow in Manchester, N.H. Then Romney will fly to New Orleans for a fundraiser.

The president plans to campaign Tuesday in Ohio, and Wednesday in Nevada and New York. 

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