Official projections show pro-bailout party winning most votes

5:00 PM, Jun 17, 2012   |    comments
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ATHENS, Greece (AP) - With the world watching anxiously, a political party in Greece that favors a bailout for the financially strapped country is projected to win today's national elections.

Official projections show the conservative New Democracy party coming in first, with the possibility of gathering enough support to form a pro-bailout coalition to keep the country in the eurozone.

Today's vote is seen as crucial for Europe and the world. Although no party will win enough seats in the 300-member parliament to form a government on its own, official projections show the two traditional parties - New Democracy and the socialist PASOK - would have enough seats to form a coalition together.

The projections showed New Democracy as winning 29.5 percent and 128 seats. The radical left Syriza party, which has vowed to repeal Greece's international bailout conditions, is expected in second place with 27.1 percent and 72 seats. PASOK trails with 12.3 percent and 33 seats.

To form a majority government, a coalition would need at least 151 seats.

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