The Chattaway in St. Petersburg celebrates Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee

3:47 PM, Jun 3, 2012   |    comments
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Customers came to The Chattaway to celebrate the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee



St. Petersburg, Florida -  In 1952, Queen Elizabeth II took the throne. Around the same time, The Chattaway on St. Petersburg's 22nd Avenue South started serving its first customers.

About 10 years later, England born Jillian Frers joined The Chattaway team. "The longer I'm here, the better it gets," smiled Frers.

Fresh from a trip to London with Diamond Jubilee decorations in tow for her restaurant, she's sharing the excitement in her home country with her customers in St. Pete. "Everybody is just so happy, walking by the river and wearing these hats and these clothes and just thoroughly enjoying it, so I know today is very joyful. It just gets better everyday," Frers said, describing her trip.

Flags and plates featuring the young Queen Elizabeth line the walls, cut outs of the royal family perch on top of frosted cakes, and tea cups sat ready to be served.

"Oh I love it," said customer Molly Gable, "It's just the nearest thing to being home again." 

Some customers came with their hats and others just brought their hungry bellies to dish on traditional English inspired cuisine.

For the local business owner, it's a chance to not only celebrate the Queen, but share a part of her home country.

Customer Joanne McCallum said, "I'm just so excited, in fact, this is the closest I can get to being there because I would love to be in London celebrating."

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