Ducklings rescued from storm drain

8:28 AM, Apr 30, 2012   |    comments
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Nashua, NH (CNN) - It was a quiet Wednesday afternoon for the technicians at Lovering Volvo in Nashua, at least until one of them on their lunch break noticed a bit of a commotion in the parking lot.

A momma and her ducklings walked over a storm drain and as they were walking they were dropping in one by one by one.

One of the technicians filmed the frantic rescue while a worried momma looked on.

These mechanics got creative by grabbing a bucket, poking some holes in it and lowering it down. 

They saved them one by one and let them go to run back to the mother.

Rescue complete; or, so they thought.

We thought we got the last one and all of a sudden we heard one more squeak and actually it was inside that pipe down there.
So using a water hose, our heroes forced last duckling through the underground pipe to the storm drain across the street.
The last one was just a little rascal to get out of there.

Even so, these guys never gave up.

And for good measure, the techs escorted the mighty ducklings and their momma back to the river. The end of this duck tale.
A great, great ending.

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