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Women going bare for beauty

9:22 AM, Feb 29, 2012   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida --  Women across the country are taking it all off, going bare to show beauty truly is internal.

Don't get too excited...we're talking about make-up!

For many girls, the love affair with lipstick and blush began at an early age.

"I started wearing makeup when I was five years old playing around," said Erica Kelley, a Strawberry Festival beauty queen.

Women and yes, even men have been primping, priming and enhancing for thousands of years.

So who better to ask, than the Strawberry Festival beauty queens about why we continue to "put our faces on".

"It's a confidence booster," said Calli Jo Parker, "I think everyone needs to feel beautiful in their own skin, no matter who you are, just by your personality and who you are as a person, but just putting makeup on in the morning just lifts your day a little bit. You do feel better about who you are."

It's who we are, the beauty on the inside, that Caitlin Boyle and Molly Barker, Founders of the Naked Face Project are hoping to expose.

Click: The Naked Face Project

Molly Barker, who also founded "Girls on the Run" which teaches girls self esteem and self respect, explained the idea behind "going naked. "The girls will always say, if you tell me I'm beautiful on the inside, beauty is from within, then why do you wear make up why do you color your hair.  I didn't have an answer for them."

Barker and Boyle, both from North Carolina, decided to ditch the makeup, razor and even the deodorant for 60 days for The Naked Face Project.

They're blogging about their experience and are encouraging other women to "go naked".

Right now, they're about halfway through their project and admit, they're getting a little hairy.

"I had never seen my leg hair before," joked Boyle.

Both women say the experience has already changed the way they look at themselves.

"I really felt to be a pretty girl, fit into that pretty girl box as Molly calls it, you have to do certain things, but you really don't.   That's just what society tells us to do and a lot of it is about spending money." 

"I think my beauty regime is going to change a lot at the end of this project," said Boyle.

Here at home in Tampa bay, Christy Davidson  is applauding the Naked Face Project.  She's a makeup minimalist who sticks with a light powder, lip gloss and mascara.

"You have the beauty that comes from within.  If it's there and you feel confident in the person you are, you don't need all the extra to make you look beautiful," said Davidson, as she sported a bare face.

As the Naked Face project "bares" on, it's still not for everybody...and that's okay.

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