Tampa Council member Joseph Caetano stiffs a fomer employee, writes check without money in the bank

7:30 PM, Feb 11, 2011   |    comments
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Tampa City Councilman Joseph Caetano
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Tampa, Florida -- Stacy Viktora, who does hair at Paradise Hair Studio in Wesley Chappel, isn't splitting hairs about how she feels toward her former boss, Tampa Council Member Joseph Caetano.

Viktora says Caetano is someone who not only knows how to file bankruptcy, but also knows how to work the system.

Viktora, who worked for Caetano at the new Bostonian Hair Shop he opened after closing his first shop and leaving a trail of creditors after filing bankruptcy, is upset because she says her checks from Caetano often bounced.

According to Viktora, you shouldn't have to worry if you get a paycheck if there is money to cover it.

Caetano says that is B.S. and he called her a "disgruntled" employee.

Caetano denies he regularly bounced checks but says there was a problem with Viktora's last check. He says he called the bank and asked if she had cashed the check yet and was told no. While Caetano says the money is now there to cover the paycheck, he admits when Viktora called the bank to see if the money was there, it wasn't.

And the money isn't there for Aflack insurance, although Viktora paid for it. Although Caetano says he thinks he owes about $200, he concedes the policy could be in arrears as Viktora maintains.

And while Caetano admits it is true he wrote a check without money in the bank to cover it and didn't pay the insurance bill when he took out money for it, he says it shouldn't reflect negatively on his ability to run the city as a council member.

Caetano says voters can say what they want, but his business has nothing to do with what he does at City Hall.

However, Viktora says people need to know who is running and who is in the office.

And in Stacy Viktora's mind, the hair stylist's political career should be clipped when voters go to the polls at the end of the month. 

Mike Deeson, 10 News

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