TONIGHT: Westboro Baptist Church plans protest at memorial for murdered teens Beau and Calyx Schenecker

9:52 AM, Feb 2, 2011   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida-A controversial religious group plans to be in Tampa Wednesday to picket the memorial service for two Tampa teens murdered late last week because their father is in the military.


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The Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas is known for picketing the funeral services of US military men and women killed in service. They also protest against gays and were in Tampa back in 2006 to demonstrate the Gay and Straight Alliance Club at Newsome High School.

In a statement released by the church the group writes, "God sent the shooter to Tampa, Florida... Murderous mother kills rebellious children while father is off playing bloody war games, fighting for same-sex marriage. GOD SMACK!"

A group that opposes the church's mission, The Florida West Coast Riders, say they will also be in attendance at the memorial service Wednesday. They plan to use American flags to help shield family and friends of the victims from the potentially hurtful messages.

"It doesn't matter to them at all. They get out there with their bull horns and their nasty signs and they get attention... That's what they want," says Thomas Brown of the Florida West Coast Riders.

"They're all about being offensive and we have to do what we do in a respectful way."


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