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Are camel spiders invading Phoenix?

A service member contacted our sister station KPNX and told them that camel spiders had stowed away in the footlockers of returning troops and are taking up residence in Arizona.

10:57 AM, Mar 7, 2012

Pinellas smoke ring mystery solved

In the end, we learned it wasn't a swarm, or exhaust fumes from an alien UFO. It wasn't an electrical problem or some construction accident either...

8:53 PM, Oct 18, 2013

Mom: Officer shot kittens in front of my kids

The Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals wants Humane Officer Barry Accorti fired for allegedly shooting five kittens in a home's back yard on Monday.

2:06 PM, Jun 12, 2013

Rare wild flamingos spotted in southwest Florida

Birders take note: some rare wild flamingos have been spotted along Florida's southwest coast.

9:56 AM, Oct 26, 2011

Judge in lottery trial storms out, tells Dee Dee Moore, "You are to STOP!"

During closing arguments in her first degree murder trial, Dee Dee Moore was once again admonished by the judge to stop crying in front of the jury.

6:27 PM, Dec 10, 2012

Winn-Dixie announces holiday hours

All stores close 7 p.m. Christmas Eve and are open 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Christmas Day.

9:53 PM, Dec 20, 2010

Caught on camera: Thief is a genuine cat burglar!

There's a cat burglar on the loose in a California community. Neighbors know who it is, but they're not pressing charges. Photo Gallery: Dusty the cat burglar on the prowl

2:18 PM, Feb 15, 2011

Magic group purchases LA Sparks

A group led by Magic Johnson and some of his partners with the Los Angeles Dodgers has purchased the Los Angeles Sparks.

4:32 PM, Feb 5, 2014

Flavors of Tampa Bay: Lee Roy Selmon's

When you think of Lee Roy Selmon's, you think of mouth watering, soul satisfying, comfort food.

5:12 PM, Jan 16, 2009

Find out which foods to avoid during chemo, which foods to eat durning chemo and how certain supplements can ease chemo side effects.

10 Connects anchor Heather Van Nest talks with one of the top integrative oncologists about how certain foods can help and hurt your fight against cancer.

10:27 PM, Jul 6, 2010

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