Muslim doctors start free clinic

5:59 PM, Jun 11, 2008   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida - Angie Abdalla Nada is seeing a doctor today for chest pain and she will pay nothing for the services of cardiologist Dr. Maqsood Siddique. The Red Crescent Clinic of Tampa Bay is a free clinic run by volunteer doctors.

Siddique and other Muslim doctors started the clinic eight years ago and so far they've recorded over 20,000 visits. Siddique says he formed the clinic because of the need and as a thank you.

"This country has given us so much. This community has given us so much. This is one way to give back," says Siddique, who is originally from India.

While the clinic was started and is still primarily staffed by Muslim doctors, the clinic treats people of all faiths. A sign out front declares the clinic serves "all mankind."

Now the success of this Tampa clinic is prompting dozens of Muslim doctors in Hernando County to do the same thing. Dr. Husam Abuzarde showed off the new Brooksville clinic today.

There are still a few things left to be done, but Abuzarde is excited about seeing patients at the Crescent Community Clinic and helping people in need.

"So this is a part of our religion and a part of our profession and also this is our community," says Abuzarde.

The new clinic will start taking appointments next week and some 40 doctors with heart will volunteer their time.

To make an appointment at the Crescent Community Clinic in Brooksville call: 352-799-5500.

For more information on the Red Crescent Clinic of Tampa Bay, click here.

Kathryn Bursch, Tampa Bay's 10 News

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