Vanished -- without a trace!

3:25 PM, Apr 25, 2008   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida – It’s a missing person's case that reads like a movie.

A young Lakeland pilot vanishes without a trace. A ransom note is delivered to his parents. FBI agents travel as far as Thailand to find him.

26-year-old Robert Wiles is still missing.

The case began on April 1st. That’s the last time anyone saw Robert Wiles alive. He was last seen at National Flight Services in Lakeland, where he works as a business development manager.

On April 3rd, a ransom note is delivered to Tom and Pam Wiles. They comply immediately and wait for their son, only to find disappointment. No one knows where he is. There is no proof-of-life.

His parents tearfully talked with members of the media Friday at the FBI headquarters in Tampa.

Pam Wiles said, "Our son is warm and genuine. Anyone who knows him knows that. Please, whoever wrote the ransom note, if you’re listening to this, please call us.”

Special agents have traveled to nine Florida cities, three states and Thailand.

At this time, agents will not give any details as to how much the ransom was for, where the note was left or who sent it. All they would is that Robert’s parents complied with it aggressively.

So why is the FBI involved in a missing persons case? Anytime a ransom demand is made, federal agents automatically get involved.

Right now, the parents are offering a $10,000 reward for Robert’s safe return. The FBI does have suspects and persons of interest that they are pursuing.

Please call 866-838-1153 if you have any information on Robert’s disappearance.

Melanie Brooks, Tampa Bay's 10 News

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