Do Yoga in the country, right near Tampa

5:35 PM, Jan 17, 2008   |    comments
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Carrollwood, Florida - Past blaring horns, heavy traffic and colossal congestion, a dirt road leads to a place of tranquility. Students in a yoga class stretch, breathe and pose their way to inner peace.

"The Lotus Pond" sits on four-and-a-half acres near Carrollwood. Students say the natural setting helps them escape the real world. With the windows and the Cypress trees, students say it's very peaceful, and as they do the yoga postures, they can watch the wildlife and listen to the birds outside.

Roger McKeever teaches the ancient art of Hatha Yoga at the Lotus Pond. 

“I feel like as people walk around in their body, they are carrying something in their head,” McKeever says, “here they are learning to slow down, and when things come at them they have the tool of taking a deep breath.”

Once they finish class, McKeever encourages yoga students to stick around and let the tranquility sink in.

”There is no rushing out the door, stay here as long as you like stay on the porch, go for a walk classes aren't built one after the other,” he tells me.

Teacher Val Spies opened the Lotus Pond two weeks ago. It's the sister studio to her successful Tampa studio, The Lotus Room She says the Lotus Pond will offer all day corporate retreats as well as meditation and yoga classes.

“I was corporate before opening the studio, and the main thing I saw with working with large groups of people, is that they have difficulty dealing with the stress in their lives, and dealing with the responsibilities at home and at work.”

Spies hopes the natural setting will help people find a center for their mind, body, and spirit that stays with them long after they leave this county cabin.

Spies reminds us that “It is intense out there, it's over stimulation everywhere, when you come into a classroom, you are completely removed you can totally let go of all your responsibilities, let go of all your to do lists.”

The Lotus Pond is located off of Anderson Road near Carrollwood. Val's popular Tampa Studio, the Lotus Room, is in a brick building just outside of downtown on Kennedy Blvd, and is now in its fifth year. If you've never been to either place for Yoga, right now at both locations they are offering a discount, $5 in the month of January for your first Yoga class. There's also a free 15 minute intro to Yoga class on Wednesdays and Saturdays and there are plenty of programs to choose from, including kids yoga. If you're an advanced yogi – they offer teacher training too!

For information you can click here to visit their website, call  813-254-6777, or e-mail 

The Lotus Pond is at 6201 W. Lynn Rd. Tampa, FL, 33625.

Click here for the  Lotus Pond schedule near Carrollwood.

The Lotus Room is at  1101 West Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, 33606

Click here for the Lotus Room schedule in Tampa.

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