Hawks attacking small dogs?

9:19 AM, Nov 8, 2007   |    comments
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Gulf Breeze, Florida - Move over coyotes. Some residents in northwest Florida believe hawks are now attacking their small dogs.

Those in northwest Florida's Gulf Breeze have seen their pets falling victim to predators before. Coyotes roam the area. The city even sets traps to control the coyote population.

But some pet owners think hawks are swooping down from the sky to attack their pets.

Martha Powers says she saw a large bird flying down toward her dog and began yelling. The bird then turned away. And Caren Gardner believes her 3-pound Pomeranian was taken by a hawk last year.

But one local veterinarian says dog owners shouldn't be too worried about birds flying off with their pets.

Doctor Lorrie Rhodus from the Animal Medical Center in Gulf Breeze says she has seen it before, though. Three years ago a woman brought in a dog that had been attacked by a hawk. The owner told Rhodus the small dog must have been too heavy for the bird, and it dropped the canine.

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