Doctor accused of fondling another woman

12:19 AM, Oct 26, 2007   |    comments
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New Port Richey, Florida - "He began to enter my shirt, removed my breasts from my bra and began to fondle them," says one victim.

"He was feeling around my breasts all over and both sides," says another.

These woman have all filed police reports complaining that Dr. Gunwant Dhaliwal inappropriately touched their breasts. Others have filed lawsuits with allegations dating back to 1999, saying Dhaliwal took advantage of them and touched their breasts and other parts of their bodies while he was their employer.

When we asked Dhaliwal if he touched the woman's breasts, he replied with "No comment." When we showed a lawsuit saying he fondled the woman's breasts, he again replied, "No comment."

Although Dhaliwal denies the claims, another woman filed a police report saying Dhaliwal did it again, even after our original stories aired.

Marissa Satinoff says she went into one of Dhaliwal's clinics after she had a car accident and was experiencing neck and arm pain. Satinoff says Dhaliwal came into the examining room alone and shut the door.

"He pushes me back and lifts up my shirt and took my breasts out of my bra and kind of touched my area," Satinoff claims. "Then he did the other side, first the left, then the right, and then he sat me up and said, 'I think you have muscular trauma.'"

Dhaliwal, who drove off when we tried to asked him about this latest accusation, says he never touched Santinoff's breasts and that's what he and one of his medical assistants Naza Martic told police.

Although Martic regularly works at the Dhaliwal Clinic in Holiday, she says she was in the New Port Richey office the day Satinoff came in. Martic, who is fiercely loyal to Dhaliwal, says the doctor is never alone with female patients and that all the women making those claims are making it up.

But Satinoff says Dhaliwal and his medical assistant are lying and she says just like the several other women who have filed police reports and lawsuits against Dhaliwal, Satinoff says there is no doubt she was in the examining room alone with the doctor and he fondled her breasts.

"He made me feel very uncomfortable," Satinoff says. "I left and felt awkward and felt dirty ... I think I was just violated."

The Florida Board of Medicine says despite all the lawsuits and police reports against Dhaliwal, it can't investigate unless someone makes a complaint to the board's consumer services intake unit. They determine if there is legal sufficiency for the Department of Health to investigate.

But once the board receives a complaint like those leveled against Dhaliwal, it can take action from censure to yanking the doctor's license.

The chief investigator, Bob Garey, says "We treat that very seriously and all we need to do is determine there was a doctor-patient relationship and then it will be investigate."

But until someone files a complaint against Dhaliwal, there will not be an investigation and the doctor who has no formal complaints with the Board of Medicine leveled against him will continue to do business as usual.

Mike Deeson, Tampa Bay's 10 News

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