The latest in magnetic reading glasses

3:26 AM, Jul 10, 2007   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida - Anyone who wears reading glasses knows they're never around when you need them. And if you hang them on a chain around your neck they always seem to be in the way.

Some trendy new eyewear may be the answer. They're finding a spot on the big screen and on TV. Baby Boomers especially seem to like them. So what do people “see” in them?

Deborah Bush used to keep a pair of reading glasses in every room and desk now they're one click away. She says, "Everywhere I go people ask about the glasses and they say it's such a simple idea why didn't I think of that."

The Clic glasses wrap around her neck and click together using a magnet. Bush says she's "worn them sailing, fishing, in the kayak, I've never lost a pair.”

Bush's Clics were a gift from her friend David Knowlton, a National Distributor for Clics who says “Everything is a click.” Knowlton himself started as a Clic customer five years ago. And then during a trade show for his gift store,  people kept asking about his reading glasses. He says he spent two of the four days at the show talking about Clic glasses before he even represented them.

Today this St. Petersburg man is the only Clics wholesale and retail distributor in the U.S. besides the manufacturer. He says the nice thing about the product is,  "It's durable. You can twist and bend it and it always bounces back. You can adjust it on the side if you're smaller or larger depending on the size of your head or want them at the end of the nose or closer to your face. They bend around and can snap out the lens and are taken in and have prescription lenses put in.”

Who wears them? The pathologist on CBS's CSI New York, William H. Macy in the film Wild Hogs, Samuel L. Jackson in Freedom Land and Helen Mirren was seen with a pair of Clic reading glasses on the red carpet. Knowlton has included Clics in gift baskets for presenters at the Academy Awards and the CMA Awards. And Knowlton says he "went from one order a day to dozens a day.”

Knowlton adds his own touch.  He custom dyes the frames and can add a logo too. There are sunglasses and the first Clics, the sports goggles, but the reading glasses are the ones many customers can't do without.

Knowlton's company sells a children's line and will be coming out with a pair for medical professionals called “Clics Medical.” Prices range from 30 to 85 dollars.

For more information click here or contact David Knowlton at 727-502-5969.

Isabel Mascareñas, Tampa Bay's 10 News

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