More say doctor fondled them

9:52 AM, May 11, 2007   |    comments
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New Port Richey, Florida - When we first introduced you to Dr. Gunwant Dhaliwal it was following an accusation by a physician's assistant who was going to go to work for him.

The woman, whom we called Jane Doe, said in a lawsuit he engaged in unpermitted, harmful and offensive sexual contact .

Jane Doe says, He began to enter her shirt and removed her breasts from her bra and began to fondle them.

When we confronted Dhaliwal about the lawsuit, we asked him if he engaged in harmful and offensive contact with a former worker. We asked him if he fondled her breasts like the lawsuit says, he told us no comment.

Dhaliwal later told us by email the same thing he told the Pasco sheriff's office, that he never touched the woman.

And that's what he says about a second woman who filed a federal suit back in 2002. The woman claims that starting in 1999 when she worked for Dhaliwal, he would put his hands under her shirt; grab her breasts; put his mouth on her breasts; put his hand down her pants; as well as other sexual acts.

Dhaliwal told me by phone that law suit was not about sex but about wages.

Then there is a third woman who we will call Jane Doe number two who saw our first story. She saw a woman saying what happened and she said oh my God.

Jane Doe Two filed a complaint with the New Port Richey police and said Dhaliwal inappropriately touched her during an asthma examination.

She says, he was feeling around her breasts all over and both sides.

The woman says that she has never had an examination like that. It happened at least five times while she was in the hospital, but she was afraid if she spoke up no doctor would treat her.

Jane Doe Two says, it was tortuous when she was in the hospital because she didn't know when he was coming back. All she could do was cry to her family to get her out of there.

Dhaliwal told me he was only conducting an examination. That's what he also says about a police report filed in 2001 by another patient saying that while she was in Dhaliwal's examination room he fondled her breasts against her will.

Attorney Michael Feiner says, he doesn't know why the medical community hasn't become aware of this. "He needs to lose his license."

And while in our initial story admittedly it was a she says he says incident, it is now at minimum a she says, she says, she says, she says, he says serious of allegations.

Jane Doe Two says Dhaliwal needs to be brought to justice and not practice medicine.

But Dhaliwal says he has done nothing wrong and all these women are out to get him, but he can't explain why.

Mike Deeson,Tampa Bay's 10 News

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