Woman sues, claims doctor fondled her

9:58 AM, May 4, 2007   |    comments
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New Port Richey, Florida - A woman who we will identify as "Jane Danielle Doe" says, "You never expect something like that."

Doe is talking about the encounter she says she had with her former employer Dr. Gunwant Dhaliwal.

"Doe" says it's made her uncomfortable and very upset in the beginning but now she's angry.

Doe, who is a physician's assistant, says in a lawsuit that Dhaliwal engaged in un-permitted, harmful and offensive sexual contact at his New Port Richey clinic. Doe says it occurred when Dhaliwal was teaching her a procedure.

In a statement to Pasco Sheriff's Deputies, she went to the clinic after hours so Dhaliwal could demonstrate microdermabrasion on her. She says they went back to the examining room and did the microdermabrasion and one thing led to another and he was putting on different cleansers lotions and he began to enter into her shirt, removed her breasts from her bra and began fondling them.

Doe says as soon as she figured out what was going on she got up from the table and left

Doe says she was in shock for one or two minutes and it didn't register. It took a few moments and a million things went through her head. She began to get scared because there was no one else in the building but them.

We went to one of Dhaliwal's offices in Spring Hill and told him the lawsuit says he engaged in harmful and offensive sexual contact with a former worker. He told us, No comment. We asked, "Did you fondle her breasts? This lawsuit says you fondled her breasts." He said, "No comment."

Although Dhaliwal had no comment for us when we confronted him at his other clinic in Spring Hill, he told the Pasco Sheriff's Office that he never touched Ms. Doe for dermabrasion or in any other way. Dhaliwal says they were never even in an examining room alone for any length of time.

And while Doe says there is no question Dhaliwal took advantage of her, she is aware because she says it happened when the two were the only people in this clinic. It becomes a "she said he said incident."

That's upsetting she says, acknowledging it is her word against his. Doe says she was definitely there, definitely was in the exam room, definitely had microdermabrasion and was definitely harassed by this guy.

Michael Feiner, Doe's attorney, says Dhaliwal should lose his license. He should never be allowed to be alone with anybody.

Feiner says that's what he is trying to insure.

Feiner says he's come to find out where there is one there are many. "These doctors think they can get away with anything because they've got a white coat and their last initials are M.D."

Now Doe says she is scared for others who may come in contact with Dhaliwal.

"People trust us with their health care and I think it is disgusting and I don't think he should be trusted."

A judge, jury and the state board of medicine will ultimately have to decide whom to trust; the woman who says she was fondled or the doctor who says he did nothing wrong.


Mike Deeson, Tampa Bay's 10 News

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