White Bengal Tiger Cubs are early Christmas present for Busch Gardens

8:11 PM, Dec 11, 2006   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida — Two rare white Bengal tiger cubs have found a new home at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

A Louisiana zoo needed a home for the 13-week-old cubs, King and his sister, Lanie, and sent the pair to Nusch Gardens on Friday, the attraction announced Monday night.

The pair can be seen at the Nairobi Field Station until they are old enough to join the park's five adult tigers.

Busch Gardens says the 30-pound cubs eat a combination of milk, similar to human baby formula, and a high quality meat, which will eventually become their permanent diet. Adult tigers can weigh between 350-500 pounds, making them the largest existing member of the cat family.

"Tiger coloration, like human eye color, is dependent upon genetics," a spokesman said. "Most tigers follow the typical pattern of orange and white with black stripes, but in rare cases, a tiger is born white when it inherits a recessive gene from both of its parents."

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

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