Did an angel appear over the State Fair?

1:39 PM, Nov 9, 2006   |    comments
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Columbia, SC - The South Carolina State Fair experience can be described in many ways, but you probably won't hear it called 'heavenly.' That is, unless you're talking to one Columbia family who recently showed off their "sign from above."

On the last Friday of the fair in October, Catherine Austin and her sons were high atop the ferris wheel when they took severl digital photos. It wasn't until they got home that they noticed something out of this world, something some might call a heavenly host.

"It looks just like an angel," Catherine says. "It even has a ray of light that comes from the bottom toward the body of the angel and it's centered right in the middle of the picture - and I believe in angels. It's just an angel."

As you can imagine, Catherine has showed the picture to a lot of people, but not everyone sees what she does.

"There are some skeptics who say it's something other than an angel, but most people who see it immediately say it's an angel," says Catherine.

"It's got a head, wings, legs, and if that doesn't look like an angel, I don't know what does," says Frederick, her son.

Catherine's son is part of the group that believes. He thinks the angel was watching over his mom on the ferris wheel since she's afraid of heights. "Sometimes God sends you stuff like that to let you know angels are real," Frederick says.

So when the State Fair rolls around next year, take a moment, look up past the lights and rides and maybe, just maybe, you'll see someone looking down on you.

courtesy WLTX

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