Latest: Three Murders remain a mystery in Wesley Chapel

11:14 PM, Aug 13, 2006   |    comments
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Wesley Chapel, Florida -- Being at an Italian take out place near Boyette Road isn't the same for Trishia Rush. It's where her friend Derek Pieper used to work, until he and classmate Raymond Veluz were murdered in Trilby, “I still think he's on vacation he's going to come back then I remember everything and know that he's gone”.

The man wanted for questioning in the double murder is Jeremy Henry. He was found shot to death in Dade City on Sunday morning. Investigators aren't sure what role Jeremy Henry may have played in the murder. Trishia is also curious about what may have happened, “I wish justice had been served and he would have gone to jail or prison, he would have went that way this was totally unexpected I'm still in shock.”

Derek's lacrosse coach Tom Fitzsimons says it's sad that a third person was murdered. ”Too much dying going on, too much killing going on, somehow some way we've got to slow this down.” He wonders how this new turn of events will affect the case, “I guess there's going to be some closure for the families I don't know if we'll ever know what truly precipitated in the murders and we'll probably never know what happened exactly to Jeremy.” Tom feels bad that yet another mother is grieving the loss of her son.

It has been tough for Trishia dealing with the murder of Derek and Raymond, “We want to know what happened and what was going through their minds, but we'll never know.” As this mystery continues, she hopes answers unravel. So they finally understand what really happened and why three young men had to die.

Valerie Boey, Tampa Bay's 10 News

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