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Boras on Rays "They'd be better off in Montreal"

8:15 PM, Dec 11, 2013   |    comments
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Orlando, Florida -- When Scott Boras talks, the world of baseball listens, whether they want to or not. The "super" agent has a propensity of focusing on one thing: the best situation financially for a client or a team.

This afternoon at the MLB Winter Meetings, 10 News asked Boras to expound on his comments from last month where he said the Rays should leave Tampa Bay.

"The hope in baseball is that you have a consistent product that annually a group of people and an ownership are putting a winning product on the field, and you certainly have to say Tampa Bay has done that," said Boras.

In five of the past six years, the Rays have won more than 90 games and have made the playoffs in four of those seasons.

"When you have a product that is so productive and the market has not responded to it, what is the reason?" said Boras.

He went on to insinuate that the Tampa Bay market isn't supporting a team that deserves its financial backing and attention.

"It's not consistent with what other markets do in baseball," said Boras.

Tampa Bay's success on the field over the past six year places them in the top three of winning franchises during that stretch. Yet, unlike others in the top three in winning percentage, average attendance at Tropicana Field ranks dead last at just over 18,600.

Boras suggests moving the Rays to a northern city in New Jersey or Montreal, Canada would make the franchise a more viable entity.

"For the betterment of the game, I think we have to look at markets that aren't rewarding for play of the game at a high level," said Boras.

Last month, MLB commissioner Bud Selig at the General Manager's meetings said he is backing off the Rays' pursuit of a new stadium. The club is under a lease with the City of St. Petersburg through 2027.

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