Tampa vet honored at Ray Jay during Monday Night Football

1:05 AM, Nov 12, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- Tampa was in the national spotlight tonight for Monday Night Football. This Veterans' Day, the league honored our men and women in uniform, and Sgt. Austin Burchard was there to receive a big thank you.

The disabled veteran got a front row seat on the second deck for his service.

"It's great that the Bucs give it back to us, and appreciate our sacrifice," said Sgt. Burchard.

Sgt. Burchard's history is a painful one. While on the front lines in Afghanistan, an enemy bullet pierced his spine, then ricocheted inside his body, hitting almost every internal organ but his heart and lungs.

It left him severely disabled and confined to a wheelchair. But despite his suffering and sacrifice, he is thankful to and for his country.

This night, when asked, Sgt. Burchard had a prediction that all Bucs fans would like.

"I'm gonna be really positive that the Bucs win, but not totally crush them because we don't want to humiliate the Dolphins out of here."

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