Bay area woman runs NYC marathon

1:08 AM, Nov 4, 2013   |    comments
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Dade City, Florida -- The bombings that rocked Boston's marathon in April have forced organizers of other races to take a closer look at how they do things.

Runners at New York City's Marathon had the tightest marathon security ever. There was helicopters, bomb sniffing dogs, and about 1,500 surveillance cameras focused in on the route where 45,000 thousand runners raced through the streets. 

Alicia Valle was one of those runners. Valle is from Dade City and ran the 26.2 mile race.

She says, "It seems like Boston was an isolated incident and it seems like the New York Road Runners and the city are taking all the security precautions."

Valle adds, "They're not allowing us to bring backpacks on the race field. Normally I run with a camel back - a water back pack which I am unable to do this year - with that being said my husband would have waited for me at the finish and this year he will not. He won't risk that so he'll try to find me at places along the course instead."

Valle was supposed to run the race last year but Mayor Michael Bloomberg canceled it due to the devastation left behind from Super Storm Sandy.

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