LATEST: Scott Lake disappears before homeowners' eyes

9:06 PM, Jun 15, 2006   |    comments
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Polk County, Florida - It's quite the neighborhood mystery, a disappearing lake. Scott Lake has dropped several feet and receded from the shore line even more

And the problem is more than cosmetic.

After checking Scott Lake, the Southwest Florida Management District and Polk County's Natural Resources Division say the sudden drop is likely the result of one or more sinkholes, and since it's an act of nature, neither agency is planning to do anything more.

Besides the lake level, Steve Beebe is also worried about the damage to his home. He has cracks throughout his home and a large gap under his dining room window.

It happened when the soil in his yard dropped more than six inches after heavy rain from Tropical Storm Alberto.

"It's an enormous pain and most people, the most important things they have is their family and their home and those two things together and all of a sudden all that gets knocked around yeah it's a pretty big concern," says Steve.

A spokesperson for the State Department of Environmental Protection confirms Scott Lake is sovereign submerged land owned by the State of Florida.

Swiftmud says the homeowners or the county can seek a permit from the DEP to restore the lake.

Dave Balut, Tampa Bay's 10 News

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