Poll: Rick Scott not alone when it comes to Stand Your Ground

5:09 AM, Jul 29, 2013   |    comments
Gov. Rick Scott speaks -- very briefly -- with reporters in Tampa on Thursday.
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It's no secret that Florida's Stand Your Ground law has been on Governor Rick Scott's mind lately.  Just after the George Zimmerman verdict was read protesters took to the capitol and deemed themselves the "Dream Defenders."

It has been pretty clear how Rick Scott feels about the law by calling a press conference earlier this month only to answer one question and walk out. Scott did eventually meet with the "Dream Defenders" who asked him "to be brave" and call a special session, but Scott told them he would not saying:

"I tell people as I travel the state, I think people ought to engage in the process, engage in our state. Everybody should. They ought to know people that are running for office. They ought to run for office- "I hope y'all are going to be running for office eventually and you're already engaged in the process." Scott said before stating his rejection. "Thanks for coming. I'm not going call a special session. I don't believe right now that Stand Your Ground should be changed but I'll tell you right now that I appreciate you."

Now, according to the Tampa Bay Times, a new poll conducted by a Republican-led firm, shows 50% of Floridians support keeping the law as is, 31% are saying they what it changed and just 13% want a full repeal.  This shows that Gov. Rick Scott is not alone when it comes to backing Florida's Stand Your Ground law.

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