The secret to younger looking skin may be as close as your refrigerator

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Clearwater, Florida - Everyone is searching for the secret to younger looking skin. That secret may be no further than your produce section - or even your own refrigerator!

Clean and green is a booming new trend. But it's blooming for Emily Wenzel. As an herbalist she's also embraced the lifestyle for her skin care.

"I realize that most of the things I put in my body were the things that I could put on my body, so I began exploring and experimenting and playing with my food!"

So she invited us into her kitchen to play as well. We quickly realize this is a serious facial regimen meant to be fun.

She adds herbs to hot water for a facial steam. For dry skin, she recommends chamomile.

Photos: Up close look at the natural facial ingredients

Emily also makes homemade toners. She says choose one based on what your skin type is. Her favorites are lavender water or a green tea, which she says are are soothing and cooling. She also likes apple cider vinegar or witch hazel.

Then, we really play with our food - the facial mask, which Emily says she'll throw on while she's cooking!

"Things are going to do, have different actions. So it's kind of cool to feel like the papaya, although it's moist like the banana, and the avocado, I tend to feel a little tightening when I put the papaya and the avocado on."

Other foods like yogurt will be soothing. Lemons and tomatoes will act more like an astringent.

Emily mixes together about a teaspoon of clay, which contains minerals, meant to draw out toxins, with about a half teaspoon of pineapple juice, squeezing it right from the fruit.

She also mixes avocado with strawberry, rosemary and honey, which is a great antibacterial.

It takes some "playing" as Emily says, but using different greens, herbs, fruits and vegetables has the same benefits as eating them.

"Play. Play and have fun. In life and with your food and with your friends and with yourself. Cause you want to feel good from within."

So it doesn't just taste yummy, it feels yummy too.

Get more ideas from Emily's website, Body and Mind Enrichment:

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