New Jacksonville Jaguars uniforms tell a story

8:24 AM, Apr 24, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Florida (WTLV) -- The Jacksonville Jaguars unveiled the team's new uniforms on Tuesday and the design was created to tell a story.

The Jacksonville Jaguars logo and uniforms have come a long way since they were first worn in 1995. Originally, the team's logo was designed as a long slender cat with a close resemblance to Ford Automaker's Jaguar.

That caused the team to change it to a different design with a jag on the hunt, but this February, the team revealed a fiercer jag. And with a new logo comes new uniforms.

"Mr. Khan had definitely envisioned for wanting a new chapter for the NFL and a really distinctive point of view from what previously had been done. He really saw this as just a new opportunity to show that vision," said Todd Van Horne, Nike's VP and Creative Director for Football.

Van Horne said the new design tells a story. The two-tone helmet in gold and black represents the ferocious jag hiding in the shadows to hunt and moving in the light to prey. The Jags badge over the heart honors all of those who serve in the military.

"The military, the conscience, the heartbeat, the pulse of this community and frankly that is why we insisted that the new uniforms have a permanent design to honor the men and women who defend this nation and call Jacksonville their home," said Shad Khan, owner, Jacksonville Jaguars.  

Van Horne said more teams in the NFL could begin incorporating items that represent their hometown into uniforms.

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