Heather's Community Baby Shower helps Alpha House

11:34 AM, Apr 24, 2013   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida-- Thanks to 10 News viewers in the Bay Area community, we were able to provide a truck full of valuable goods- everything from baby wipes and diapers, to blankets and towels- for Alpha House mothers in need. 

Mothers like Jessica Young benefit from the generosity of the community and Alpha House. 

Jessica stood with us during the shower holding her 12-day-old son, Sebastian, and shared her story. 

Sebastian is her fourth child, but her first son. Jessica lived with her three daughters, until a mix up with the girls' father left her with no electricity, and hardly enough money to make rent, she explained.

PHOTOS: 10 News has fun collecting goods for Alpha House

She worked, and reached out to various organizations in the community  for aid, but was told help wouldn't make it her way for over a month...Far past the deadline of her eviction notice. 

That's when Jessica said she had to make a choice - either take her girls to a shelter, or hand them over to their father. 

"Ultimately, I knew stability was best for them, and I had to do what was right," she explained. 

After letting the girls live with their father, Jessica was still trying to make ends meet. She told us she stayed at a motel, and sometimes even on friends' couches, until she finally found Alpha House of Pinellas County. 

Executive Director, Jennifer Stracick explained all of the benefits new moms like Jessica are offered there.

"Expecting mothers and those with babies under nine-months-old can live there up to 18 months after the baby is born without having to pay for rent or food," she said. "They also benefit from time with a therapist each week, and 24-hour support from the Alpha House staff."

The Alpha House of Pinellas County currently houses 14 moms and 12 babies, but according to Stracick, the house can hold up to 24 moms and 18 babies. 

10 News thanks all of those in the community who took time to stop by and make a donation to this wonderful cause.

If you could not make it, but would like to make a contribution, access the links below: 

If you're a mother who would like to learn more about the programs offered at either Alpha House location, visit either site below: 

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