"Spring Breakers" backlash: "Worst movie ever"

11:06 PM, Mar 22, 2013   |    comments
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PINELLAS PARK, Fla.- It's the premier night of Spring Breakers in the very city where this jaw dropping sex, drug, and crime filled film was made.

Local cast members couldn't be more excited as they headed out to St. Pete's Baywalk Friday night to see the movie themselves for the very first time.

"It's been a year, man, just seeing it all from the back end, and seeing it all in a bunch of pieces, I'm ready to see what it looks like all together," said JJ White, who was a featured extra in the movie.

Spring Breakers is premiering in theaters across Tampa Bay and around the country this weekend. Moviegoers got a good taste or director Harmony Korine's dark style of cinematography.

"It was a little depraved. I was definitely a fan of the movie and it was pretty good!" said Jonathon.

But not everyone cared for the film. Many locals say it gives the Bay area a bad name.

"It just portrayed a really unrealistic picture of Tampa Bay," said Jamie Burge, who watched the film Friday night in Pinellas Park.

"Yeah, wow!" proclaimed a near speechless Brittany Jennings. "The worst movie I have ever seen. I don't even know what happened in the last 92 minutes ... I don't even know."

Even guys leaving the movie say the film left them surprised and felt and over the top.

"There was a lot of nudity in it," said Brett Burge with a smile.

The movie seemed to be especially disturbing to parents and the older crowd, some who even left the theater at one of the first local screenings Friday at AMC Westshore.

"There's no story line. I went to go see the local shots because I live in the area, but the guns and the violence, it was gangster! It was not very becoming for the reputation of this town," said Marty Bass. "I didn't like the movie."

Bay area box offices reported mediocre sales Friday night. Local theaters are also being especially careful not to allow underage teens into the rated R movie considering the film's graphic content.

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