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James Seevakumaran, man who plotted UCF attack, had ties to Tampa Bay area, but few remember

10:51 PM, Mar 19, 2013   |    comments
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Seminole, Florida -- He spent his entire youth in the Tampa Bay area, and yet few could remember much about James Seevakumaran.

Pinellas school officials confirm he attended Seminole Elementary, Middle and High schools, but could find no yearbook pictures.

And not one teacher, coach, administrator or counselor could -- or would -- say anything about him.

Speak with his fellow high school classmates, and most say while they recognize the face, there's little else they can recall about Seevakumaran. They describe him as quiet and shy.

Even friends on Facebook, people who grew up with him, say he'd never shown signs of the deadly aggression police say he'd planned to unleash on the UCF campus early Monday morning.

On Tuesday UCF police released video of the moments when first responders made entry into Seevakumaran's dorm room. An assault weapon is clearly on the floor.

Also, two unclaimed packages for Seevakumaran with disturbing contents had been recovered from the mail room, say investigators.

Chief Richard Beary showed reporters a how-to guide for destruction, clips of ammunition and more which were inside the packages Seevakumaran never had a chance to open.

Even Seevakumaran's roommate Arabao Babakhani, who hid in a bathroom and called 911, said while the 30-year-old was anti-social, he had no idea Seevakumaran could be so dangerous.

"The only time he ever made solid eye contact with me is when he pulled the gun on me," said Babakhani.

In Sarasota, Seevakumaran's mother came to the door but declined to speak on camera. Neighbors, who've known Glenis Seevakumaran for a decade say she never mentioned having a son.

"No, never said anything about him," said one woman, shocked to learn of the connection.

In a briefly written statement, even Seevakumaran's relatives admitted James had become detached. Although alarmed and saddened by the allegations, "James was a loner, and did not have a history of violence," they said.

They declined to comment further and asked for privacy.

Officials say they will continue to have added security and counselors available at Tower One on UCF's campus for some time, although they stressed they believe there was no one else involved in the plot.

Police say they are still uncovering more details, but shared one more disturbing note.

As investigators went line-by-line through the written plan they found in his room, they say Seevakumaran's final note -- his last entry on his to-do list -- has a simple three-word phrase: "Give 'em Hell."

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