Trevor Dooley: Killer in 'skateboarder shooting' set to leave jail today

5:59 AM, Feb 11, 2013   |    comments
Trevor Dooley
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Tampa, Florida -- At some point Monday, we expect Trevor Dooley to gather his things and walk calmly out of the Orient Road Jail.

He'll step into a strange world where he's not in prison, but he's not really free, either.

In November, Dooley was convicted of manslaughter in what some folks have called the "skateboarder shooting."

He received a sentence of eight years in prison for killing Valrico dad David James after they argued over a skateboarder on a neighborhood basketball court.

But instead of heading to a state lockup to serve his sentence, Dooley will be allowed to post bail and go free for a time.

Why can he get out, even though he's been convicted and sentenced? He has filed an appeal. And Judge Ashley Moody felt she could allow him to bond out until that appeal is settled.

Her reasons? She says Dooley's appeal is in good faith and is based on a debatable issue. Also, that Dooley had no prior arrests and has ties to the community.

Dooley is 72. The judge apparently does not believe he'll try to flee to avoid spending his final years in prison.

The bond amount is $100,000, which means Dooley will have to give a bail bondsman $10,000. That bondsman will then post the total amount at the Clerk of Court's office as early at 8 a.m. Monday.

Dooley will not be heading back to the Valrico neighborhood where this happened. Instead, his wife has moved into a new home in Spring Hill.

While he's out on bond, Dooley won't be allowed to leave Hernando County except to come to court in Tampa.

Grayson Kamm, 10 News

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