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KB Home Update: Senator Bill Galvano meets with Willowbrook residents

5:38 PM, Jan 31, 2013   |    comments
  • Wood rotting from a balcony at Willowbrook townhome that was built by KB Home.
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BRADENTON, Fla. -- 10 News investigations into KB Home and complaints of shoddy construction have been ongoing for months.

Willowbrook condo residents have pavers in their bedrooms, plastic walls in their living rooms, and mushrooms growing throughout their homes.

Armondo Oyolo-Delgado has been dealing with these conditions since he first bought his KB Home.

"I'm living in hell," Delgado told 10 News.

State Senator Bill Galvano met with several KB Home Willowbrook residents who are fed up. Galvano agreed to visit their homes after hearing of horrible living conditions and seeing homeowner photos.

We spoke with Galvano after the meeting, "First off, what was described to me, and the pictures show an unacceptable situation. This is something that has occurred and festered and seems to have become worse over time."

Galvano tells 10 News he will be meeting in Tallahassee on Monday to begin an investigation into KB Home, but he says it will be a challenge to help the current residents of Willowbrook.

"A law going forward is not going to help them and that's why I want to do an investigation. I want to talk to the Department of Health. I want to understand who inspected these homes, when they were inspected, why they were signed off on," Galvano said.

He also tells 10 News the idea of proposing legislation for a "lemon law" on housing that is similar to a law already on the books in Texas is definitely an option.

Meanwhile homeowners like Delgado, who are dealing with construction crews tearing apart their homes to fix work that never should have been approved of, are sick and tired of not getting any answers.

"I'm hoping that KB comes to terms and realizes were not going away or them to do the right thing and maybe just buy us out because we're tired of living like this."

If you've been a victim of poor KB Home work, contact 10 News Investigator Noah Pransky at

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