Muted reaction to Charlie Crist's switch to Democratic Party

5:34 PM, Dec 10, 2012   |    comments
Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist
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Tallahassee, Florida -- Former Republican, and then independent, Gov. Charlie Crist is now officially a Democrat but Democrats are not rushing to publicly welcome him to the party.

We asked the Florida Democratic Party for a comment on Crist joining the party, but they said they were not available.

The Republican Party of Florida is having some fun with the Democrats' silence over Crist's big party switch.

On Monday, Republicans released a YouTube video of crickets chirping and joked that was the reaction from Democrats over Charlie Crist's new party registration.

Republican Party spokesman Brian Burgess says he thinks it will be fun watching Crist explain how he once claimed to be "as conservative as you can get," but now feels more at home in the Democratic Party.

"We're not taking him seriously until the Florida Democrats take him seriously and when a guy says he's pro-life, he's pro-gun, he's a Ronald Reagan-conservative; when he's asked by a Florida editorial board how conservative are you and he says, I'm as conservative as you can get, it's going to be very hard for Florida Democrats to take him seriously or to trust him. But we're going to watch and see with great interest."

Two years ago after he left the Republican Party, and after he lost the race for the U.S. Senate, Crist said he was happy as an independent.

"I think it's where most of the country is and most of our fellow Floridians are. Most people are really not rigid partisans and that's why I think they're a little frustrated with what's going on in Washington even this week. I could be wrong. I have been before," said Crist in December 2010.

Over the past weekend, Crist signed registration papers at a White House Christmas party to become a Democrat. His decision sets him up for a possible run for governor in 2014.

Dave Heller

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