TechPlayzone teaches kids about technology

4:35 PM, Apr 11, 2006   |    comments
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  • Riverview, Florida -- Parents are probably familiar with those indoor playgrounds, with the inflatable slides and trampolines. They're great places to take the kids and hang out.

    A Bay area woman has taken the idea one step further and developed a play zone, with an academic angle.

    Desh Bagley, TechPlayzone:
    "TechPlayzone is a high tech hangout for young people. All young people who love computers, robotics, video games, web surfing. Instead of just being consumers of technology, TechPlayZone helps them become creators."

    Desh Bagley opened TechPlayzone six weeks ago to introduce kids to technology.

    Desh Bagley, TechPlayzone:
    "We haven't told them that we're teaching them things. They just think they're playing!"

    Kids can learn how to build robots, assemble circuits, and write software programs for video games.

    It's a perfect place for kids like Dustin, who already knows what he wants to be when he grows up.

    His dad believes he's found the perfect spot for all his tech-savvy kids.

    Don Schrimsher, Dad:
    "We home school our kids, so we even want to get more involved, because it gives us a structured environment to come to, where they can learn robotics, web design, a number of things."

    The facility also includes a multi media room where students can learn to shoot their own movies. A green wall allows them to superimpose any kind of background they want.

    The philosophy here is to make technology fun and less intimidating, especially for girls.

    Alicia Reed, Techplayzone:
    "A lot of girls are not taught to love science and love computers and technology. It's a kind of fun way to introduce them to technology and gives them the edge over the boys, to know what they're doing and enjoy it."

    Jennifer Howe, Tampa Bay's 10 News

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