Frying a turkey this Thanksgiving? How to get rid of grease and oil in Pinellas County

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Planning on frying a turkey this year for Thanksgiving?  Here is how to properly dispose of grease and oils (used or unwanted such as salad dressing, bacon fat, or peanut oil) that you may use.


You can drop off liquid cooking oil (no solids) at a local drop-off center to be recycled and turned into biodiesel fuel at these locations:

City Name Address Phone
Clearwater Solid Waste Facility & Recycling Drop-off 1701 N. Hercules Ave. 562-4933
Dunedin Lake Haven Recycling Center 810 Lake Haven Rd (Behind Solid Waste 298-3215
Largo Starkey Rd. Recycling 1551 Starkey Rd. 587-6760
Palm Harbor William E. Dunn Water Reclamation Facility 411 Dunn Dr. (Off Alt. 19 S. of Klosterman) 464-7500
Seminole Oakhurst Water Tower Drop-Off Recycling 113th Ln. and 74th Ave (West of 113th St. N) 464-7500

If you have large amounts of liquid cooking oil (no solids or grease), you can drop-off at a Pinellas County mobile collection or the HEC3 facility for recycling (free for residents).

  • Be sure your container does not exceed 5 gallons in size
  • If you are planning on bringing more than 5 gallons, call (464-7500)

If you are wanting to dispose of greast or oil products, put them in the trash, not down the sink!  Pour hot grease or oil into a container such as an empty soup can. When the grease has cooled, place the container into the regular trash. If you use a container you want to keep (such as a mug), transfer the cooled grease to a doubled plastic zip lock bag and throw it into the trash.


If you are a business there is a ordinance requiring cleaning of grease traps.  If you need more information you can call Matthew Wotowiec at the Pinellas County Utilities at 582-2341.  These companies are permitted as grease haulers in Pinellas County:

Name City Phone
American Cleaning & Equipment Services (ACES) Lakeland (800) 604-1842
Arthur H. Price Jr. Septic Tank Services Holiday 845-0632
Billings Pumping & Septic Tarpon Springs 934-6810
Blue Septic Tank Services Bradenton (941) 758-0674
Brownie's Wastewater Solutions, Inc. Orlando (407) 841-4321
Chris's Plumbing Riverview (813) 623-6830
City Sewer Cleaners Davie (954) 475-9946
CSC OPS, LLC Bradenton (941) 757-2591
Darling International Mulberry (800) 501-7848
Drain Team Largo 573-5400
East Star Industries Starke (904) 533-9328
Electric Motors Life Station Service Clearwater 538-4778
FCS Clearwater 576-1111
Florida By Products Mulberry (863)
Griffin Industries Tampa (813) 626-1135
Jerry Mills Discount Pumping Odessa 847-0304
KRK Enterprises Ft. Pierce (772) 464-7323
Property Maint Unlimited Plant City (813) 754-0757
Reliable Septic & Sewer Pinellas ark 545-8982
Roto-Rooter Plumbing Service Tampa (813) 887-4400 x23913
Seminole Septic Seminole 392-1352
Straight Flush Septic Services Clearwater 446-7900

 If you are a restaurant looking to dispose of cooking oil you can contact one the following companies to pick up for recycling:

  • FCS in Clearwater (576-1111)
  • Griffin Industries in Tampa (813-626-1135)
  • Stirling Food Systems in Ocala (800-223-3795).  Must purchase new oil, and a credit for the used oil will be deducted from the purchase price.

NOTE:  Please do NOT pour grease, fats, or oils down the drain!
These substances cause a wax-like buildup, which can clog pipes and lead to sewer backups.

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