Ryan Nece's legacy will be his Foundation

9:35 PM, Nov 19, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, FL-- Ryne Nece played 7 seasons in the National Football League, 6 of them with the Buccaneers, including the Super Bowl year of 2002.

But Ryan's legacy probably will be what he's doing, off the field, with the Ryan Nece Foundation...

10 News Sports Anchor Dave Wirth, sat down with Ryan and talked about what's really important in his life.

"Everything I've been involved with, there's nothing more rewarding than being to help another human being," said Ryan.

Ryan Nece is only 33 years old, but he seems to have a lifetime of wisdom, when it comes to helping people.

That, came from his Mom, Cathy Nece Thomas.  Ryan can still remember a lesson he learned, in elementary school, about helping others.   Ryan, always an athlete, was captain of a kickball team, and in charge of choosing sides.  His mom, always thinking of a teaching moment for her son, suggested he choose the worst athlete first.  At first, Ryan said, no way.

"The next day I went to school, and I picked the kid, cuz I wanted to listen to what my mom said," said Ryan.  "And I remember how that kid lit up.  "And he didn't do anything to help us win.  And he was now my best friend.  And I could see the impact right there of when you thought of somebody else, or thought about someone who was forgotten about, or wasn't part of the cool crowd, or wasn't popular.  Man, you could make a difference."








Ryan has played for several coaches during his football career, and many had an impact on his devotion to community service.  Perhaps, none more so than his Junior High school football coach, Jim McGarry.

"He always preached thinking about your teammates," said Ryan about Coach Jim McGarry.   "It wasn't about you, it wasn't about your coach, it was about your teammate.  That team philosophy, that sense of accountability to one another, is what we have in society.  We're all part of one big team.  It's not about me, it's not about you, it's really about we, and how we collectively can make a difference, and that's really what a team is all about."









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