Pregnant woman among 6 arrested in Spring Hill drug bust

5:54 PM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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Spring Hill, FL-- Trash and junk began to pile up in the yard, the electricity and water were shut off, anonymous tips were filed and surveillance footage showed illegal activity taking place. Together, these factors lead to a search of the home in question, and the arrest of six suspects. 

Deputies and Narcotics detectives reportedly served a search warrant to those in the home off of Canfield Dr. on Thursday after weeks of receiving anonymous complaints.

Among items reportedly seized at the residence are Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) tablets (whole and crushed), several other types of prescription medications, a Marijuana plant, 0.5 grams of Marijuana, and numerous items of drug paraphernalia (needles, pipes, spoons, baggies, etc.).

Sheriff Al Nienhuis addressed the amount of time it took to search the home, saying:

"When an issue like this arises, the frustration level becomes very high for the citizens living in close proximity to the problem house.  Even under ideal conditions, however, addressing the issue can, unfortunately, take weeks to accomplish- especially when a search warrant is required to solve the problem. The citizens, however, can rest assured that the men and women at the Hernando County Sheriff's Office are just as frustrated with this type of activity.  That is why we are willing to invest hundreds of investigative man-hours into each of these cases that are a serious attack on the quality of life in a particular neighborhood."

The following suspects were arrested on various charges, ranging from possession of marijuana, controlled substances, or drug paraphernalia, and even sale of or principle to sale:

  • Ryan Cutting, 26
  • Torie Szabo, 26
  • Mark David, 49
  • Michael Richards, 42
  • Charles Cohen, 27
  • William Torres, 28

Cutting was reportedly denied bond because he was out on bond from a previous case. 

Szabo was several months pregnant at the time of her arrest and officials say they have involved the Department of Children and Families.

Officials also involved Animal Services to remove a "pit bull-type dog" from the residence.

As for the trash in the yard and the lack of electricity and water, reports say Hernando County Code Enforcement was contacted to handle those issues.

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