Congressman Buchanan scores victory in court against former business partner Sam Kazran

6:47 AM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- U.S. Congressman Vern Buchanan (R) Sarasota had a big win in Hillsborough Court Thursday afternoon.

Judge William Levens refused to issue sanctions against Buchanan's legal team despite a motion from a former Buchanan partner.

Buchanan who testified in court is seeking damages from former business partner, Sam Kazran, for defaulting on a promissory note to buy Buchanan out of a car dealership.

Kazran's attorneys argued the Buchanan legal team crossed the line in the lawsuit and perpetrated a fraud upon the court, however, Levens didn't buy it.

While on the stand, Buchanan also testified he gave Kazran a loan of $3 million when he wanted to buy two other auto dealerships in Jacksonville. Buchanan says Kazran never paid back the loan and he defaulted on the promissory note after trying to buy the two other dealerships.

Levens ordered the two sides to go to mediation to try to settle the lawsuit.

Kazran alleges Buchanan used him to get illegal campaign funds from people at the dealership. The Federal Elections Commission which fined Kazran decided Buchanan did not violate the law.

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