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It's official: President Barack Obama wins Florida during 2012 election

11:55 PM, Nov 10, 2012   |    comments
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TAMPA, Fla. -- Four days after the general election, President Barack Obama has officially won Florida. This comes after Saturday marked the deadline for counties to report their results.

President Obama took Florida with 50 percent of the votes. Mitt Romney came in at 49.1 percent. About 74,000 votes separated them.

Governor Rick Scott released a statement Saturday about the results. Part of it stated, "Around 8.5 million Floridians voted in this general election - more votes cast than in any other election in state history."

President Obama won every swing state except one.

Associate political professor at the University of Tampa, Scott Paine, said he wasn't too surprised. He said the average of polls taken in swing states since May nailed it.

"On any given poll, the differences were typically in the margin of error and there were some flukes, some high and low results. But when you look at what was happening, month by month, week by week, in almost every one of these states, the Romney campaign was never winning," said Paine.

Florida was the biggest prize in play with 29 electoral votes. Some of the reasons the official count came down to the wire was because voters casted their ballots hours after the polls closed Tuesday in Miami-Dade County, due to long lines. Also, a large number of absentee ballots had to be counted in Palm Beach County.

Paine adds that at least it wasn't an issue how the ballots were being counted. "We can be a little embarrassed that we weren't done when everybody else was done, but we're a really big state. We had a really big ballot and be just got bogged down in the process," said Paine.

Governor Scott in his statement today also wrote that he asked election officials to review the election and report on ways to improve the process for Florida voters. 

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