Ann Romney and Michelle Obama: Mrs. Romney in Tampa as presidential candidate wives transform campaign roles

7:58 AM, Oct 10, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- The Romney campaign really wants to keep a smiling Romney face in front of Florida voters as often as possible over the next four weeks.

Governor Mitt Romney spent this past weekend here in the Sunshine State.

Wednesday afternoon, his wife Ann Romney is set to take a tour of Moffitt Cancer Center on the University of South Florida campus in Tampa. She is a breast cancer survivor.

This isn't a rally; it's basically a "photo op," so there may not be much interaction between Romney and the public or reporters.

Still, certainly any chance to show off Moffitt -- one of Tampa Bay's best resources -- is a positive thing for our community.

Michelle Obama will be in another swing state, Colorado, on Wednesday.

She'll be talking to folks at a rally at Fort Lewis College in the southwest corner of the state.

We are seeing the presidential candidates' wives take a big role this year that's likely unprecedented.

They're both still showing up in more traditional spots, with feature pieces in Good Housekeeping and daytime talk show interviews alongside their husbands.

But there's more this year.

It can be awkward for people -- even politicians -- to praise themselves. But their wives are welcome to do it, and these two are good at it.

Both Mrs. Romney and Mrs. Obama gave well-regarded speeches at their party's conventions.

Many critics considered Michelle Obama's speech in Charlotte to be the most powerful of either convention until President Bill Clinton took the stage.

The First Lady is also featured in a good deal of the fundraising materials for the president. Potential donors often see phrases like "Join Michelle and show your support for Barack."

new story by Politico says Ann Romney and her son Tagg recently sat Mitt down in what they call a "family intervention."

They urged him to show a more approachable side.

That was apparently not long before the game-changing debate in Denver last week.

One more reason we're seeing a lot of the the candidates' wives? People like them.

CBS News/New York Times poll last month found only 19 percent of people have an unfavorable opinion of Michelle Obama, and only 13 percent have an unfavorable take on Ann Romney.

You can be sure their husbands would love to have numbers like that.

Grayson Kamm, 10 News

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