Murder victim’s family pleads for information

11:16 PM, Mar 6, 2006   |    comments
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By:Kathryn Bursch Hillsborough County, Florida – For most folks the Strawberry Festival is full of food and fun. But for one Pasco County family, this year the celebration is a reminder of all they’ve lost. Debra Neel, Murder victim’s wife: ”It is very lonely, it’s very lonely. It’s just me now…instead of me and him.” One year ago while heading to the Strawberry Festival, David Neel was murdered. While driving on I-75, someone pulled up beside his truck and pulled the trigger on a large-caliber hand gun. Sgt. Michael Willette, Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office: ”Mr. Neel in our background investigation is a very quiet individual who did not even exceed the speed limit and in the Tampa Bay area, as you know, traffic likes to go much faster than the speed limit and I think that may have upset somebody.” At the time, investigators walked the interstate looking for clues and pleaded with the public for information. About 45 calls came in, but none of the tips panned out. Now a year later, detectives say justice is still one phone call away. Neel’s family hopes that phone call comes soon. Debra Neel, Murder victim’s wife: ”We need closure in all of this…it has been so difficult.” Anyone with information on this road-rage murder is urged to call the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office.

Kathryn Bursch, Tampa Bay's 10 News

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