Pasco residents still dealing with flooding after heavy rains

10:41 PM, Jul 11, 2012   |    comments
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NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. - Some people who live in a New Port Richey neighborhood are breathing a sigh a relief Wednesday night because another round of storms did not send flood water into their homes.

Heavy rains did flood some streets, however, including Mexicali Street. The water made it onto lawns and up driveways, but luckily not into homes.

"I was like, 'Oh, please, don't let it come in my house again,'" said homeowner Colleen Haugen.

Tropical Storm Debby flooded quite a few houses along the street a few weeks ago and people are still trying to dry out and clean up. A number of front lawns still have piles of ruined furniture, clothes, and other possessions as people clean up their homes. According to neighbors, poor drainage is to blame for the flooded streets.

Michael Zupko lives just off Mexicali St. and feels the neighborhood needs a drainage upgrade. His home was also damaged by Debby. Wednesday's weather brought water halfway up his driveway.

"Luckily, it ended. It was only a half hour rain, but if it was another hour, oh yeah, that water would have been in the house again," said Zupko.

Neighbors were just glad the flood waters went away pretty quickly this time.

Some admit they were not prepared for Wednesday's flooding or for Tropical Storm Debby. Others said they now have sandbags, just in case.

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