Temple Terrace "Nightmare Neighbor" Charles Adams strikes again

10:39 PM, Jul 3, 2012   |    comments
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Video: "Nightmare Neighbor" strikes again

Neighbors fear Charles Adams poured what appeared to be an oil and gasoline mix down the gutter in an attempt to blow up cars parked on the street.


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TEMPLE TERRACE, Fla. - The crime is clearly caught on camera -- a man pouring a black substance out of a gasoline canister Friday evening around 5:00 p.m.

"He unscrews it and tips it up," says Marquita Hutchins, who watches video survellience images of her next-door neighbor, 60-year-old Charlie Adams, as he pours what is believed to be a mix of oil and gasoline down the gutter in front of his home.

"Three police officers came out, the fire brigade came out, and then the EPA, and she did testing and that's all going to be taken to Tallahassee to see exactly what was in it," says Hutchins, who notes the gutter runs directly into a drain connected to the Hillsborough River.

Intentionally dumping gasoline down a storm water drain could be considered a felony. Hutchins says she was forced to install surveillance cameras because of Adam's erratic behavior.

"My sons were parked there. I think we wanted to blow the cars up," says Hutchins.

In June, 10 News first reported on Adams, who has a long history of arrests and violence. We found police reports dating back to the '90s documenting Adams setting fires, shooting his guns, threatening to blow up the neighborhood, throwing feces covered toilet paper over his fence, and even calling in death threats via 911 to Hillsborough County Sheriff Davis Gee and state attorney Mark Ober.

The Hutchins say their neighbor also threatens their autistic son, Lucas, calling him a reject and spraying him with the hose. Adams says many of the reports are untrue.

"They can't stay on their side of the street," says Adams in an interview with 10 News back in June. He says many of his neighbors are noisy and make stories up. "They're unreliable witnesses."

But many of Adams alleged crimes are now being caught on camera, including the time neighbors say he doused their cars with bleach. Some have even filed restraining orders against the man who they say has been terrorizing this neighborhood for decades.

"This is a day in our life. This is what happens all the time," says Hutchins. "It's day in, day out. It never stops."

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