Fake photo shows shark swimming down Bayshore Boulevard during Tropical Storm Debby

11:38 AM, Jun 26, 2012   |    comments
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A doctored photo shows a shark swimming down a flooded Bayshore Boulevard. The image is a hoax.



Tampa, Florida -- Stranded manatees on Bayshore, yes. Large sharks... not so much.

Photos have begun circulating on social media sites that claim to show a large shark swimming down a flooded Bayshore Boulevard.

A dead manatee and two juveniles have washed up near Tampa General Hospital, but if you thought there was something fishy about the shark image, you'd be right: the pictures are a hoax.

In fact, it isn't the first time this shark has fooled people. A variation of the shark picture first appeared last year, claiming to show a shark swimming down the street in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irene hit the island. The Snopes.com urban legends website deemed that picture a fake as well.

Earlier this month, another doctored flooding photo made the rounds online, this time showing a "sea monster" swimming in front of a Burger King.

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