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Flood waters fail to recede in Thousand Oaks, and other areas of Pasco

5:15 AM, Jun 26, 2012   |    comments
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Trinity, Florida -- For many residents living within the Thousand Oaks neighborhood in Pasco County, walking (or swimming) seems to be about the only way in our out of their subdivision.

"Our cars have been flooded and everything," said resident Heather Blakeney. "I have a little SUV you can't get out of the driveway."

We found Heather and her friend Tyler sloshing down the street trying to pick up some supplies.

"Just going out to get some batteries from Walgreens because we've got no power. There's power outages everywhere,"Tyler Yehl told us.

Tyler and Heather are among those residents who've elected not to evacuate, just yet.

"We've got Gators in our back yard, snakes everywhere and helping people put up sandbags and doing whatever we can prepare for the flooding," said Yehl.

"You have no power you're traipsing in all this water, now the toilets are starting to back up," said Joy Hart.

But as the nearby Anclote River continues to rise, and with more heavy rain on the way, many residents aren't sure if things are going to get better or worse.

"We've lived here for eight years and this is the worst we've ever seen," said Hart.

In the area of homes hardest hit by flood waters, we found water flowing like a river between homes.

"Last night about two in the morning I looked out and it looked like a river going by, and I got my wife and said this is serious this time," said Rick James.

James and his neighbor Eileen Ihrig are among those residents who woke up to find water flowing through their homes.

"I'm trying to keep remembering it's just stuff. It's just going to be so much work. It's just hard," said Ihrig.



Beau Zimmer, 10 News

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