Debby rains flood Pasco neighborhoods

6:02 PM, Jun 25, 2012   |    comments
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Video: Debby rains flood Pasco neighborhoods

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PASCO CO., Fla. - In the Jasmine Lakes neighborhood of Pasco County, a family of ducks doesn't seem to mind the flooded streets. They find the soggy conditions just ducky.

But for residents, Sunday's heavy downpours have them literally wading through problems. Wearing water shoes, Steve Sousa sloshes through the water-filled roads and, on Monday, "Notta Street" lives up to its name.

"Small cars, it's not really passable. Just trucks right now," says Sousa. With a small leak in his roof, he's dreading the prospect of more rain.

"They're talking about more rain later today, more tonight and tomorrow it sounds like. I'm hoping that won't be," he says.

While water remains high in some neighborhoods, others are enjoying the sound of gurgling water going down storm drains. But the receding water leaves behind a mighty mess.

82-year-old Betty Farrar's bare feet smush into water-logged carpeting and she'll lose it all. "All this has to come out," she says, turning in a circle inside her Holiday home.

Farrar's street was filled with water on Sunday. And just how heavy were those rains? Well, this is the first time her home has flooded in 35 years.

"Never, never. This is the worst that it's ever been," she says, shaking her head. "The worst it's ever been."

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