FBI now on Jennifer Odom case

7:18 PM, Feb 21, 2006   |    comments
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Hernando County, Florida - The peace and quiet of Hernando County is what brings people here, but peace is something that Jennifer Odom's family doesn't have and hasn't had for 13 years.

Renee Converse, Jennifer's mom:
"Nothing will ever bring her back, but what ever we can do to bring us closer to a resolution will be wonderful." 

Jennifer Odom was kidnapped from her bus stop and murdered in February 1993. It was considered a cold case in Hernando County, until FBI behavioral sciences investigators showed up to look at the case file. 

Sgt. Mike Maurer, Hernando County Sheriffs Office:
"Through their efforts and the investigators on this task force, we have been able to focus on a smaller group of persons of interest or suspects." 

The Jennifer Odom task force has followed up on 6,000 leads in 13 years, but none have panned out. It has been frustrating for everyone involved. Local investigators are now resubmitting all of the physical evidence to the FBI lab for re-examination of things like DNA. 

Jennifer's body was found in an orange grove in southern Hernando County, but some of her personal items were missing, so once again, investigators are asking for your help in locating those items.

Sgt. Maurer:
"These are items of Jennifer's we have not yet recovered and these might have physical evidence on them that might solve this case." 

And so once again, Jennifer's parents stand before the media with tears in their eyes, asking, begging for your help in finding the person that killed their little girl. 

Renee Converse, Jennifer's mom:
"We know someone knows something so we are asking you to do the right thing, and call so we have a resolution. We know it won't bring her back, but....(gets emotional)." 

If you have information, call the Jennifer Odom task force toll free at 1-888-785-8308. Or you can go to www.hernandosheriff.org/jennifer

Bill McGinty, Tampa Bay's 10 News

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